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About Me

One question I am asked a lot is, "How did you get into astrology?" The answer is, astrology came to me. I've always been known for my love of birthdays, and have noted peoples DOBs since I was a child. For some reason, the time of my birth was always important to me. I started researching the characteristics of the zodiac signs around age 12, and always felt extremely connected being a Scorpio. In 2012, (when Saturn entered Scorpio), I learned about natal astrology (another Scorpio brought it to my attention) and it immediately took over my entire world view. From the moment I saw my birth chart for the first time online, I became obsessed with astrology and uncovering all of the wisdom that the study of astrology gives us access to. I'll never forget the experience of learning about my chart for the first time, and I bring that passion and enthusiasm into each reading I give. 

I am self-taught and combine a myriad of different schools and techniques into my readings and teachings, including traditional & hellenistic, modern psychological, and evolutionary astrology. Astrology is a life-long study, and I continue to learn and incorporate new learnings into my practice. I am also a student of the tarot and incorporate those learnings into my astrology practice. I care deeply about being of service as a channel, which is why I consider myself an intuitive astrologer. 

I give readings at my home in Ridgewood, Queens, and virtually via Skype or Zoom.

More background: I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and came to NYC in 2010 to attend the School of Visual Arts. I graduated in 2014 with my BFA in Photography. I currently work as a content producer & photographer, and hand model!

You can find my work here:

@killakir / @handsmakeherdance

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