Astrologer Shakirah Tabourn





Birth Chart Reading

Over the course of an hour, we'll look at your Birth Chart; a 2D representation of where all of the planets and celestial bodies were at the time of your birth. We'll discuss your natal placements and astrological make-up in a soul-centered approach. We'll then look at how the current astrological weather is affecting you, and pin-point long term trends to give you an idea of what's to come.

It is helpful to come prepared with questions or specific topics to focus on during our time together. 


Compatibility Reading

In this reading, we'll take a look at the natal charts of both you and your partner - whether that's romantic or business partner, friend, or family member. We'll go over the main components of each chart, see where there is alignment and where challenges lie. At the end of this reading you and your partner will have a better understanding of each other's make-up and how to move forward in your relationship with a higher perspective. 


Child Chart Reading

It is an especially beautiful gift to learn of the birth chart of your child. During this session, we'll look at your child's chart from a soul-centered perspective, learning about their soul desires in this lifetime and how you can best nurture and support them. We'll also look at how your charts align, seeing what attributes and patterning they've inherited from you. 


Parties & Events

Looking for a unique twist to your next party or event? Hire me to give mini readings to your guests! In 15-20 min readings, I'll provide insight into specific questions, give advice, and leave your guests with a better understanding of themselves & their lives!