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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Burn to Cleanse


Eclipse Season comes twice a year, and they’re always times of major shifts and changed. This season we see 3 eclipses, the Cancer Solar Eclipse we experienced July 12th in which we planted seeds around how we can better nurture ourselves and our build better, more loving foundations in our life. Today’s Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, which I’ll go into more detail about, and next month’s Leo Solar Eclipse in August 11th.


Eclipses are cosmic realignments. They accelerate the pace of transformation with karmic and fated events to keep us on our soul path. They happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all on the same plane, so that a visible eclipsing of one of the luminaries occur. Today at 4:20PM EST, the Moon in Aquarius will move exactly opposite the Sun in Leo, marking a full moon. Because the Earth stands directly between the two, on the same lateral plane, the shadow of the earth falls onto the moon, eclipsing it’s light for an hour and 45 minutes! This eclipse is the longest of the century. Lunar Eclipses are markers of endings. It’s a time when major chapters and patterning are released. Whether or not you release them willingly is your choice. There’s a few other astrological factors that make this eclipse extra intense.


The Moon will be in near exact alignment with Mars during this lunation. Mars is currently retrograde, moving backward through Aquarius. This particular Mars Retrograde has been especially clearing and cleansing, but sometimes in a violent, aggressive, or heat-provoking way. Mars transforms through the act of burning and severing. When something is burned, it’s composition is changed forever. This eclipse marks the middle of the Mars Retrograde cycle, when it is exactly opposite the Sun, at its fullest and brightest. The release and letting go comes with extreme heat at this Eclipse.  You may be feeling this burning in your body. Since this eclipse takes place on the south node, it’s likely you’re feeling this in your digestive or reproductive organs. It could be your skin in the form of rashes or extreme acne - things bubbling up to the surface. This could be entirely in your emotional / spiritual / psychological body. How’s your nervous system doing? You could be seeing this intensity in the lives of the people around you. We’ve definitely been seeing it in the social / political realm with recent news stories. Wherever this is showing up for you, it’s important to honor whatever is coming up. Let it burn. Let it transform.


Uranus in Taurus standing at 90 degrees from the Sun & Moon adds  electricity to the energy. Uranus transforms with sudden and complete changes. Unexpected occurrences are likely to have taken place over the last 2 weeks leading up to today. Uranus shakes us up with the ultimate goal being liberation.


My advice for how to deal with these intense times is to recognize that there are bigger forces at play here. We’re being called on to live authentically, to cut out what no longer serves, and to stand in our brilliance. The Sun in Leo asks us about our natural talents and gifts. What do you have to share with the world? The Moon and Mars in Aquarius shines a light on what is ready to be released and transformed. Uranus in Taurus wakes us up with bolts of insight. Eclipses reveal what has been hidden. The veil between our world and what’s unseen is extremely thin at this time. Let the energy wash over you. Take the time to feel. Listen. Pay attention. Don’t feel the need to rush or make major changes just yet (Mercury and Saturn are in retrograde too). Listen to your body, and give it what it needs.

Be careful. Be awake. Be loving. Check in on your loved ones. We’re all going through this eclipse.

I love you all 🖤

Shakirah Tabourn